The plan

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Use the form below, or send me an email with the following information: who you are, your business goals, target audience, what you sell or the purpose of the website, required features, any timeframes or deadlines, examples of websites you like.


I'll look over the information you've provided to assess the feasibility of the project. If everything is a go, we'll schedule a video call discuss how to proceed.

Lift off

We'll discuss the different options and approaches we have for implementing the features and requirements for your website.


Now that we've worked out the general direction of the website, I'll get started on the design. I'll provide 2-3 different mockups or pages giving you a rough feel for the finished website. Once the design is approved, I'll start working on the end product.


After the final design is approved, I'll work on building a functional website. You’ll be updated throughout the build process with a live version of the website, allowing you to see how it looks and feels from your own device.

Quality Assurance

After the website is built, we'll test it from multiple devices and browsers to ensure everything is bug free and works as expected. When I get the gold seal of approval, the project is finished and the website is shipped to the world.

what I do

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I’m a freelance designer and consultant who specializes in web design. I also dabble in UI/UX and graphic design.

I aim to create visually interesting websites, while keeping a focus on functionality.

As a design consultant, I can guide you or your team on design related decisions. We’ll work together to create a cohesive design across all of your platforms, from digital to print.

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About me

Hi, I'm Jordan! I'm a web designer living in the coastal town of Southport, North Carolina.

I have a passion for design and have loved creating art since I was a child. I decided to combine that passion with another one–my love for technology–and the result was web design.

When I'm not designing websites you can find me enjoying one of my hobbies, like reading a good book, drinking oolong or puer tea, trying a new recipe, or creating digital art.

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I became interested in web design when I was about 12 years old. I had learned about this thing called Wordpress that allowed you to create custom websites with all kinds of cool features and plugins.

For several years, I had a lot of fun creating designs that I hosted locally and were mainly only visible to me, until one day I got the opportunity to design a real website for a local church.

After designing and maintaining that website for several years, I eventually handed it over to pursue other things. 

Fast forward to the present, where I realized that I have a passion for designing websites and helping people connect through the internet. I decided to turn this passion into a career as a freelance web designer.

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